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The Department of Management started functioning under the Faculty of Business Studies (FBS) in 2019. From the very beginning, this department has been imparting knowledge on management and related subjects playing a prominent role in the process of human resource development in Bangladesh. This Department offers both Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) program major in Management Studies and Master of Business Administration (MBA) major in Human Resource Management (HRM), International Business Management (IBM) and Management Information Systems (MIS). It has become one of best departments for offering contemporary management education in Bangladesh. Our graduates are in leading position in the job market for their skills and competences. The Department of Management has national and international collaboration/affiliation with institutions and industry for its quality education and research. The department has the intention to expand its activities even further in the near future by having its own clubs for MGT, MIS and IBM. The department will continue in its endeavor to invest more in the coming days to enhance quality for education and research across the board.

Why study in this Department?

The faculties of Management Department Studies provides students’ top notch teaching to prepare them for the management positions of organizations and to influence them to be future leaders for the organizations. Moreover, this department imparts ethical and moral education to the students so that they can fairly obey duties and responsibilities and contribute for the betterment of the society. The students’ of this department are also able to use the scarce natural resources effectively and efficiently