Our Vision, Mission and Objectives

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To become a center of excellence in management education, research, and innovation to ensure sustainable development, tackling the world’s complexities and uncovering human potentiality.


  1. To conduct extensive management-oriented research with the collaboration of different stakeholders in order to generate new knowledge to tackle business and social complexities;
  2. To create knowledge-based learning atmosphere for the management learners to tackle the challenges of the real-world; and
  3. To develop human capital so that they can contribute to the community meaningfully.


  1. To produce graduates who are skilled conceptually, analytically and able to communicate coherently and effectively.
  2. To produce management graduates who are technologically literate and able to adapt with changing environment.
  3. To develop positive and ethical values and a strong sense of social responsibility among the graduates.
  4. To produce graduates who are enterprising and creative in decision making with global outlook and focus on sustainability.